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Our Master Care Partner Program helps you increase your bottom line by coupling short term clients with long term caregiver solutions.

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We believe in our products and our process. Because of this, we give you all of the tools, training and confidence to be successful at no cost to you. Yes, $0.

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We are dedicated to decreasing hospitalizations, preventing falls and getting help to your clients quickly. Together, we share the same mission.


We've spent over $30M in R&D for our products and technology. We provide products and services you cannot find anywhere else -- med reminders, care apps and style.


Electronic Caregiver is proud to be the industry leader in innovation and technology, which enables us to provide features that help in the prevention of emergency use. 

We have been joining with families to protect the lives of their loved ones since 2009. Nearly 10 years of innovation, research and development has lead to thousands of lives protected and saved.  

Medical Alert Electronic Caregiver


Electronic Caregiver delivers exceptional care, support and improved results in the areas of health, wellness, and lifespan. We have invested millions into clinical research and development resulting in product and service line extensions explicitly designed for integration into the home care business model. Electronic Caregiver and Addison Care products are technologically advanced, user-friendly, and highly effective.

Our mission is to expedite immediate response during emergencies, quickly spot and report declining health indicators and engage in methods of early intervention to preempt escalating complications. We support treatment plan compliance while working to streamline communication and care.

Addison Care home systems are scheduled for release in 2019 to our contracted, qualified, home care partners. Addison Care is a total care, virtual caregiver solution using conversational speech, dynamic augmented reality, artificial intelligence, visual sensing, peripheral health devices and an interactive user experience unlike any other.

Addison, our virtual caregiver, will encourage medication routines, verify a variety of medication consumption, spot signs of adverse drug reactions, 

provide real-time support for care plans, deliver health and caregiver education, monitor gait and overall wellness, and much more.

We place a safety net under your existing base of caregiving clients to promote retention. We add new profit to your referring partners, deliver long-term revenue from short-term client engagements, convert former clients to new cash flowing opportunities, and even enhance your employee retention with our incentive programs. All Electronic Caregiver solutions provide up-front activation bonuses and long-term, reliable recurring revenue, thereby immediately increasing revenue from your caregiving clients.

With over 30 years of life-safety monitoring experience, our programs are proven to deliver. We provide more to our partners and aging and chronically ill clients than any other provider ever has. Our messaging for adoption is highly effective, our attrition rates the lowest in the industry, and customer satisfaction has never been higher.

We look forward to furthering the discovery process to investigate a profitable alliance with you to improve client successes and experiences, to reduce mortalities and improve outcomes.


Anthony Dohrmann, CEO


Learn more about the history, innovation and future of Electronic Caregiver from Chief Executive Officer, Anthony Dohrmann. 


Meet Athol: A Real ECG Client with a heart touching story of how Electronic Caregiver has impacted her life. 

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